Prof GGP’s Fall 2011 Online Classes

Prof GGP’s Fall 2011 online classes are English 103, Sections 0472 and 0556. English 103 focuses on the development of written communication to express logical, argumentative, and critical thinking through the examination of various texts, including essays, fiction, argument maps and multimedia presentations. One traditional class meeting will be held on Thursday, September 1, from 4:30 to 6 pm for the mandatory Orientation. Prof GGP will post the location for the English 103 Orientation in late August. The rest of the course will proceed online using LACC’s Etudes Portal, accessible at via the For Students tab. You will not be able to log in for the course in Etudes until the beginning of classes. Instructions about how to log in may be found at If you already know how to log in, you can go directly to after August 29.


  1. Timothy Crusius & Carolyn E. Channell (2006) The Aims of Argument. Fifth Edition. New York: McGraw Hill. ISBN 978-007-2960778. Available at the LACC Bookstore for only 25 dollars. You can also use a later edition, but it will be more expensive.
  2. Wilson, David Sloan (2008) Evolution for Everyone. How Darwin’s Theory Can Change the Way We Think About Our Lives. New York: Bantam Dell.
  3. Rationale Argument Mapping Software. Contact Professor Patthey at after September 1 to download and register the software for a discounted fee, or go to to purchase your own license.

Professor Patthey will not add anyone to English 103 until the day of the Orientation.


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Professor of English, ESL, and Linguistics @ LACC
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10 Responses to Prof GGP’s Fall 2011 Online Classes

  1. Xavier Puente says:

    I am very interested in attending the English 103 class because I would like to receive a certificate in English.

    • profggp says:

      As both sections are full already, you will have to come to the Orientation on September 1. Check again in late August for the exact location.

      Prof GGP

  2. Alison says:

    What if we are unable to attend the orientation but are enrolled in the course?

  3. Vincent Rogers says:

    I am currently enrolled for your online English 103 class for the fall semester. I was looking up the bookstore prices at LACC. After I entered the course information, there were two textbooks that are required for the class. One of the textbooks named, “Evolution for Everyone”, is in the bookstore now to purchase, but the other textbooks that you have on your post. “The Aims for Argument, Fifth Edition was not there. The name of the textbook listed in the LACC bookstore is called, “Argument Now”, I was wondering which textbook did you want us to have for the class.

    Thank you for your time

    • profggp says:

      I agreed to change to Aims of Argument as a favor to the bookstore, but it is entirely possible that this verbal agreement got lost in the various summer shuffles. Argument Nowis the book I have used before. I will check with the bookstore manager to see what happened and get back to you.

  4. Vincent Rogers says:

    Thank you for giving me a response on the textbooks. I was at the bookstore today and they do not have any of the required textbooks need for the class as of yet. I did find out the textbooks can be order online through our campus bookstore. “Evolution for Everyone” costs $15.00 and the “Argument Now” cost $53.00. Also, I would like to ask you about the online site you mention; that we can purchase through you.

    Also, another question came to mind. Have you chosen the location for the orientation on, September 01, 2011?

    Again thank you so much for the information.

  5. Vincent Rogers says:

    Prof. Patthey,

    I recently went to the LACC bookstore to purchase my textbooks for the semester, and the bookstore is selling, “The Aims of Argument”. It does sell for $25.00. So, I did purchase that textbook, because that is the one you wanted to use for the class. So, it looks like the bookstore is going to that textbook instead of “Argument Now”.

  6. Rafsan Hossain says:

    Hello Prof. Patthey,
    I want to take your English 103 class. What are your section numbers? Can you please let me know. According to this site,, it shows 472 & 556. I tried registering with these call number , but they were invalid.

    • profggp says:

      As I state in my announcement, I will not add anyone until the day of the Orientation, and then only if I have space. As of several weeks ago, both sections are full.

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