Prof GGP’s Fall 2013 Online Classes @ LACC

English 214

English 214 explores a selection of modern literature and examines the influence of social, political, economic, and technological trends on art, reading, and writing in the late 20th and early 21st Century. We endeavor to understand what it means to write and still read literature in the current world by analyzing literary texts and examining the contexts of their creation. Story-telling and oratory are as old as humanity; through our exploration of assigned texts across several layers and dimensions, we will also learn about and practice college argumentation and critical thinking. English 214 will proceed online using LACC’s Etudes Portal, accessible at via the For Students tab. You will not be able to log in for the course in Etudes until the beginning of classes. Instructions about how to log in may be found at If you already know how to log in, you can go directly to after August 22. A voluntary Orientation to the course will be held on Tuesday, August 27, from 7:30 to 9 pm in JH 310. Prof GGP will only add students who come to the orientation.

Linguistics 2

Linguistics 2 presents a general introduction to the scientific study of language in society. Topics include linguistic variations and their relationships to geography and identity in both monolingual and bi/multilingual settings; language, culture, and cognition; language socialization; conversation analysis, and discourse analysis. There will only be one traditional class meeting on Wednesday, August 28 for the mandatory orientation in JH 310 from 7 – 8:30  pm. Contact Prof GGP directly if you have already taken a class using Moodle with her before. The rest of the class will proceed online. To complete the required online coursework, you will need to access the Linguistics 2 Online Web Course at and register. To register and enroll online, every student needs a valid email address and the Linguistics 2 Moodle Course Key—TBA at the Orientation.

Textbook: Mesthrie, R., Swann, J. Deumert, A., & Leap, W. L. (2000). Introducing Sociolinguistics. Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins.

Prof GGP will only add students to Linguistics 2 at the Orientation.

Questions? Contact!

English 103

Prof GGP will assist Professor Marianne Boretz in teaching English 103, Section 0556. This means that the primary instructor, and the one who will make all important decisions, will be Dr. Boretz! Please contact her at if you are interested in Section 0556 of English 103.


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